our vision

a world where africans are poverty free and enjoying the full benefits of sustainable livelihoods.

our mission

to alleviate poverty by strenthening the capacity of communities to attain sustainable livelihoods

about us

Africa 2000 Network (A2N) is a regional network of 6 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from different countries in Africa working together to contribute to poverty eradication through sustainable and equitable development. A2N works with rural communities through various interventions with a major focus on improving household income and food security through the promotion of sustainable agriculture. Our approach involves the use of Participatory Development Management, which aims to deepen community participation and empower men and women at all levels of local governance to design and implement their own sustainable solutions to economic and environmental problems.

what we do


We focus on supporting smallholder families to practice Sustainable Agriculture by training farmers’ groups in sustainable farming, sharing best practices, and providing extension services. Gender issues in agriculture are addressed to ensure that women benefit from the local economy and also participate in leadership positions in community associations. In order to improve household food security and diversified diets, farmers’ groups are supported with improved technologies to improve on their soil, crop and animal management practices in an ecologically sustainable manner.


We advocate for an effective agriculture sector for improved livelihoods.

agribusiness and markets

We support initiatives and enterprise development that increase household incomes for improved standards of living. We also support the development of farmer associations and village savings groups to empower producers, and for peacebuilding. This helps small producers by increasing their bargaining power, access to finance, influence and marketing potential.

environmental preservation and climate change

A2N supports environmental sustainability and enhances the capacity of smallholder farmers to adapt to climate change.

where we work



Réseau Burundi 2000 Plus « RBU2000+ »

17 Mwaro Avenue,   Quartier INSS  

P.O. Box 3235     Bujumbura, Burundi

Phone: +257 22 219 813 / +257 79 923 143

Email: burundi@africa2000network.org



A2N Uganda

Plot 70 Bukoto Street, Kamwokya

Lower Kololo

P.O Box 21990

Kampala, Uganda

Phone: + 256 414 541 / +256 312 26318/9

Email:  a2n@a2n.org.ug



A2N Tanzania

P.O. Box 4614

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone: +255 723 340257 / +255 688 703703

Email: tanzania@africa2000network.org




A2N Kenya

Email: kenya@africa2000network.org








A2N Liberia

   Tubman Boulevard

Congo Town

P.O. Box 1626

Monrovia, Liberia

Office: +231 886043010

Mobile: +231 886043020

Email: liberia@africa2000network.org



A2N Ghana

P.O. Box 1423

Accra, Ghana

Office : + 233 302 773 311

Mobile: +233 244 292 418

Email:  ghana@africa2000network.org